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It is a time of turmoil. THE GALACTIC EMPIRE continues to battle the REBELLION, thwarting their efforts at every turn. Security is tight across the galaxy, and more than ever, the populace is struggling under the iron fist of the EMPEROR.

In these troubled times, who will stand up to the forces of evil? Who will fight for the oppressed? Who will rise up to end all this suffering? CAPTAIN CAPTAIN HAMMERFISTS doesn't know, but it sure ain't him; he just needs cold hard credits. Having taken a job with ULTIMATE BOTHAN EXPRESS ROUTES, or UBER for short, and having "obtained" a suitable vehicle, CAPTAIN HAMMERFISTS and his slave girl DAESHA TANN now get people where they need to go… for a price.

On this particular trip is a Bith named SILVERTONGUE SNOOTLES, en route to CORUSCANT. It's a simple job, and definitely nothing is going to go wrong…

Home Page

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